The Eternal Timeline Show

„Jens Semjan and Bernhard Lermann do cast doubt on this seemingly safe world.“
SWR 2, German television

„Twenty Chronics, printed on yard-long strips of paper pack, order huge data collections from around the globe. Reading and walking it completes our mostly fractal knowledge.“
Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung, February 2011

„Playing with time is something powerful.“
Münchner Merkur, February 2011

With the “The Eternal Timeline Show” we explained our world with just 20 significant chronics from politics, law, economy, banking houses, medicine, nature sciences and history of brands and luxury goods. We extracted the relevant facts from a tremendous data-mass to row them into timelines. This point of view offers us new perceptions on our old world and makes history become conceptual art and vice versa.

The show was brought on display in Feb 2011 at Galerie Traversée in Munich and was part of a group exhibition in Meiningen in 2013.

(Photos: C. Papenfuss /